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Hidemyass Review – Hma VPN

hidemyass review

In 2005, a team of internet security experts from the UK created HMA Pro VPN, also known as HideMyAss. The primary function of HMA is to give users the opportunity to surf the web in a secure and anonymous manner simply by using a VPN service that is one of the best on the market today. Here at, we ... Read More »

IPVanish Review

ipvanish review

Founded in March of 2012, IPVanish is somewhat of a new contender in the market of VPN. To consider IPVanish a complete newcomer to the industry as a whole would be something of a misnomer. In an industry that is almost over a decade old, IPVanish has established themselves among VPN providers with the most experience.  IP services, content delivery, and a ... Read More »

Private Internet Access (PIA VPN)

Private Internet Access

The same developers who created Mt. Gox Mobile and Mt. Gox Live of the Bitcoin world also created Private Internet Access on August 10, 2010. Private Internet Access has a true passion for anonymity and privacy. It was created to fill a role that did not exist before its creation of a truly anonymous VPN service. The U.S. does not ... Read More »

Best Vpn Service Providers by VPNMAG.CO.UK is the resource of choice for all the information you may be searching for when you want to surf the Internet anonymously, access and watch sites that may be blocked, or use the public online sphere for peer-to-peer contact through the clandestine world of virtual private networks (VPN).

The magazine provides reviews of the ever-increasing number of VPN services and software, dissecting what they offer versus the cost, and rates each one. It will give you the top-rated VPN overall, or guide you to the fastest VPN and reveal the primary selling points of each system so the reader can select which one is best for their needs.

The e-magazine carries informative articles on how best to use the Web anonymously by delving into specific topics of concern to readers. It has a section reserved for articles about VPN issues in different countries. Other information topics include:

General VPN news
VPN service reviews
VPN service by country
VPN for the smart phone (iPhone...)
Watching foreign TV
Unblocking Web sites
Surfing the Internet anonymously
VPN for peer-to-peer (P2P) and BitTorrent


Readers post their own reviews and suggestions on the site as well, providing still more helpful hints and information. Recent Forum topics have included how to install VPN without router access and the differences in server labels.


According to, the hands-down, top-rated critic’s choice of VPN services for 2013 is hidemyass. The e-magazine gives the service a perfect five-star rating for speed, value for the money, reliability, and compatibility. In general, the editors said, HMA Pro VPN, as it’s otherwise known, is the best way of hiding digitally.


As part of the magazine’s in-depth overview of the best vpn service, the review also includes a complete listing of countries and regions of the world where HMA ProVPN is accessible and it shows a sample of the service’s dashboard.


The program, according to the review, will allow users to unblock virtually any Web site, regardless of any and all geographic restrictions. And it will make outsiders think you’re in Walla Walla, WA, even while you’re in Wimbledon.


The price for digital anonymity via hidemyass starts at $11.52 for one month or $78.66 for a full year, or $4.99 a month.


Other top ratings go to IPVanish and Private Internet Access. The reviews always contain detailed information about the services and their strengths and weaknesses.


VPN allows companies and individuals to use the public infrastructure of the Internet to piggyback private communications and to block outsiders and annoying marketers from getting your information. Different software systems can do this by providing the VPN user with a fake ID – an alias IP address.


Consider the benefits of anonymity:

• Provides protection for your online ID and data
• Keeps unwanted marketers from your virtual door
• Provides safety and security at Wi-Fi hotspots
• Provides a shield for companies from cyber crime
• Allows travelers to continue to keep their at-home Internet service


With the growth in the VPN community, provides newcomers and veterans alike a place to go for help and information. It is, ironically, a tell-all guide to the secret world of the Internet. We invite you to also see : vpn anbieter test

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